Investing in Real Estate

Portfolio diversification.  Steady cash flow.  Passive income.

Tax deductions.  Inflation-beating Returns.


Sounds Great, Right?

It can be, but only if you've done your homework.

Investing in real estate can be as simple as is investing in the stock market.  By investing in a REIT, you will own a fractional share of a large fund.  Your role will be passive; another entity will select and manage the underlying assets.

Alternatively, you may prefer to wholly-own specific properties, whether residential or commercial.  Here, you will play a more active role and assume greater risk.  In return, you should expect a higher ROI.

Myriad considerations impact the financial return you will earn.  It is imperative that you understand the ownership process — from acquisition through divestiture — to ensure maximum return on your equity.

As with any investment, one should understand and manage the risks … before committing the first dollar.

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Keys to Success

  • Understand key financial terms and metrics
  • Determine your target ROI
  • Mitigate your risks
  • Follow a disciplined asset evaluation process
  • Create pro forma cash flow and income statements, tenant screening policies and repeatable processes
  • Candidly assess whether you have the skills, temperament and time to manage the property
  • Partner with a broker to source investment opportunities

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