A Tenant's Guide to Leasing

The Leasing Process

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So, you're interested in leasing one of the properties we manage.  We're delighted, and look forward to meeting you.  Here's what you can expect. 


The Application Process 

  • Viewing.  Prospective tenants generally wish to see a property in person before making a commitment to it.   To do so, use the 'Schedule a Property Tour" button on this page. 
  • Screening.  Should you wish to proceed, you must complete an online leasing application.  All individuals assuming responsibility for the rent payment must submit an application (and sign the lease).  All must meet our underwriting guidelines, including satisfactory income requirement, credit history, criminal background check and previous rental history.  We follow all Fair Housing rules.  The first applicant(s) to meet the requirements will be invited to complete the lease agreement. 
  • Fee.  A link to the online app will be provided by a member of our office.  You'll be asked to pay a $30 fee, which covers our screening cost. 


The Lease Agreement 

  • Contract.  The North Carolina Association of Realtors® publishes the forms needed to lease residential real estate.  We use those forms, without modification.  You will execute one lease per property, not one per tenant. 
  • Liability.  Per the residential lease agreement, each applicant will be “jointly and severally” liable for all rent payments and damages incurred.  Example:  Two tenants pay as agreed, but a third does not.  The other two tenants are responsible for the non-payment of the third. 
  • Guarantors.  Applicants who do not meet the minimum income required for a property (e.g., students) must have Guarantors.  Such guarantor’s are typically parents, but can be anyone willing to assume responsibility for the rent in the event of your non-payment.  Both the tenant and the guarantor must sign the lease.  If the tenant fails to pay, the guarantor is required to do so. 
  • Pets.  Some property owners allow pets, others do not.  Those who do charge a one-time, non-refundable fee for the privilege of allowing a pet inside the home. 
  • Insurance.  You must purchase a renter’s insurance policy, which names the property owner as an "additional interest" (aka beneficiary).  Coverage should include $100,000 for property damage.  A Declaration Page from the insurer is required before you will be allowed to move in. 
  • Security.  A security deposit equal to one month's rent is required.  It is due seven days after signing the lease agreement or the date of move-in, whichever comes first.  The money be held in escrow on your behalf. 
  • Signature.  Whenever possible, all documents will be digitally signed, using the DotLoop software platform. 



  • Inspection #1.  Within the first week of your occupancy, we will together inspect the home for existing defects.  All will be photographed and documented.  You will not be responsible for damage that you did not cause. 
  • Payment.  We offer several ways in which to pay your rent, digitally, credit card, debit card and personal check.  Online payment via Rentals.com is requested. 
  • Maintenance.  Should the home need maintenance of repair during your tenancy, please complete the Work Request form at the bottom of this web page. 
  • Inspection #2.  Immediately upon your move-out, we will inspect the property for defects.  Any defect not present when you moved-in, as noted on the Move-In Inspection form, will be repaired at your expense, via reduction in the amount of your security deposit returned.  All damages will be photographed and documented.  Note that normal wear-and-tear does not constitute damage. 


Click the button below to download a sample of the Residential Leasing Agreement, Pet and Guarantor addenda, Move-In Inspection Form and informational brochures published by NCAR on topics including Fair Housing laws, Security Deposits and renter rights. 


Property tours must be accompanied by a member of our office.  Please do not show up to any property unannounced.

Please use the scheduling button below to start the process.

Residential Leasing Forms

  • Tenants Working with Real Estate Agents
  • Residential Rental Contract
  • Pet Addendum
  • Guarantor Addendum
  • Maintenance Addendum
  • Move-In Inspection Form

Informational Brochures

  • Renting Residential Real Estate
  • Fair Housing
  • Tenant Security Deposit


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