Imagine Someone Purchasing a Home on Your Behalf

Our cadre of investors will purchase the home of your choice for the purpose of renting it to you.

The rental term must be at least 12 months in duration.  The monthly rental amount will be based upon the home purchase price, HOA fees, real estate taxes, etc.   We will discuss the rental terms with you before contacting any investor.

The process of identifying and closing on such home takes a minimum of six weeks.  If your move-in date is flexible and this concept is of interest to you, give us a call.

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Chris & Kevin Knapp 

Central North Carolina includes a diverse blend of people, cultures, cuisines, employers, educators… and real estate. We’re experts in the latter. We represent buyers, sellers and investors of properties in Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Hillsborough, Durham and the surrounding communities. Chris is a preferred realtor for Duke Health’s Physician Diagnostic Clinic, so is expert in relocation issues. Kevin is an expert in real estate investment and offers property management services in support of his clients.

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