Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Unwanted Items

Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Unwanted Items

  • Kevin Knapp
  • 06/16/23

When you’re preparing your home for a sale, you should declutter as much as 
possible. That makes your property appear neater and more spacious to 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to toss items in the trash or haul them to 
a landfill site. There are many other, more environmentally-friendly ways to 
dispose of unwanted items.

One popular technique is to sell them online. Even if you think an old chair isn’t 
worth much, as the saying goes, “One person’s junk is another’s treasure.” 
There are several websites for selling items quickly, including Facebook 
Marketplace. In fact, you can list items today and potentially sell them this 
week. Just be sure to set prices low, as people tend to look for deals on these 

You can also give away items. Post items you’re willing to part with for free on 
your community’s Facebook page. You can also pin a poster to an 
announcements board in your neighborhood. 

Donating items is also an option. There are many charities that accept items 
such as clothes, furnishings, tools, kitchenware, and sports equipment. Google 
“Where to donate items” and then add the name of your area.

Finally, an old-fashioned garage or yard sale can be effective. Place signs 
throughout your neighbourhood announcing the sale. Start your sale early. 
Many hardcore garage sale lovers will be there as soon as you open, even if 
that’s 7am!

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