Why Invest in Triangle Area Real Estate?

Why Invest in Triangle Area Real Estate?

  • Chris & Kevin Knapp
  • 06/5/22

The Triangle Real Estate area in North Carolina is ever-growing. With Raleigh-Durham International Airport bringing in new airlines and high-tech companies like Google and Apple building new campuses in the area, the Triangle represents a great real estate investment opportunity.

Anchored by Duke University, the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, the Research Triangle Park, is one of the most substantial high-tech research and development parks in the United States. Over 300 companies are settled within this area. Including the large student population, the Triangle is popular with all kinds of people.

Why and how to invest

So why invest in Triangle real estate? The choices for investment properties are abundant. Companies continue to grow in the area, making profit increase and the appeal of the Triangle Real Estate market remains as it has for decades: it is affordable, full of endless job opportunities, home to three prestigious universities, and offers a high quality of life.

More people than ever are moving to North Carolina, which offers more investment opportunities for those interested. With major universities nearby, the demand for rental spaces has gone up. Companies like IBM or Microsoft have regional office in the Triangle, which heightens the number of workers moving to the area. And with the technology field in North Carolina only growing, there will be even more jobs available in the coming years. There are many ways to invest in the Triangle Real Estate game: renting to students, using personally, and house-flipping.

When thinking about the triangle investment properties, we often consider house-flipping. This is when someone purchases a home and renovates it, adding increased value and then selling it for more. House-flipping has become rather popular in the modern age, with many people doing it on their own. It is a great way to invest in a property and guarantee the money you put in to come back. House-flipping allows for a solid and consistent rental market. Not sure you want to sell your recently renovated space? Consider staying! All the equity you’ve added through your renovations will help boost the selling price down the line. Another option we often see is renting to local students who are searching for housing, which could be a great option if you own multiple properties.

The triangle real estate trends to know

The first thing to do before investing is to research the area of your desire. If you are considering Raleigh, you should know that it is ranked as the fourth-best emerging housing market for investors, and about half of the homes are occupied by renters. So, the opportunities for appreciation are great here, and the demand for Raleigh houses to either own or rent is overflowing. Raleigh real estate is a valuable investment that will create rewards for investors for years to come. Raleigh homes for sale can differ in style, as the city has both suburban and metropolitan roots. With more housing choices, Raleigh really has something for everyone, which allows all kinds of people to live there and for the city to continue to grow.

Durham real estate is somewhat competitive and considered to be a seller’s market. There are generally more people interested in homes than there are homes available. With such a high demand for living arrangements, those considering investing in real estate are more than likely to see a profit. Durham homes for sale are mostly single-family homes and apartment complexes, which target two diverse groups of buyers. While Durham real estate has a similar number of owners versus renters, there are more renters overall.

In both Raleigh and Durham, long-term and short term-investments are seeing appreciative returns. In 2022, these two cities will be smart business moves for investors to make. The Durham real estate and Raleigh real estate markets are hot-selling, with houses lasting five or fewer days on the market. Both of these cities were ranked No. 1 in real estate and homebuilding prospects in the 2021 report by PwC and Urban Land Institute.

Chapel Hill real estate is another competitive market in which a good percentage of homes sell for above the asking price. Just like the other two cities that make up Research Triangle Park, Chapel Hill is considered a seller’s market. With more professionals moving to North Carolina and more students demanding housing at their universities, Chapel Hill needs more properties to sell. The interest is there, but the structures are not. Investing in property around the Triangle area can be a smart investment if you are looking to create excess housing, as it is necessary.

The Triangle investment properties are something to truly consider, as they are incredibly profitable and are expected to stay so for years to come. Before investing in the Triangle area, consider how you want to invest. Do you want to purchase an already developed building or build something new on empty land? There are a lot of things to think about, but what should be a no-brainer when investing in real estate is where to do it. It should, of course, be in the triangle. 

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